Its time to pay and ship your samples!

Its time to pay and ship your samples!

Having sourced and settled on a supplier, its time to make payment. But let me recap for those who might not have had a chance to follow from from the beginning. This serialized articles are about starting a physical goods business with low to zero risk. Normally, starting a manufacturing business is tough. From raising capital, getting approvals, operations to marketing and keeping the business afloat. But we have a tested and working alternative! From our first article, we have explained how China is the alternative. If you missed, go to our first article. 

Now,at this stage we need to identify reliable and trustworthy shippers from China. I recommend working with I personally use them for all my shipping. They have an office and warehouse in Kenya and China. Please Whatsapp their representatives in China.

Vivi – +8618820119940, Kira – +8615177409862

Introduce yourself and you can tell them I recommended you 😀. Ask them for their physical address which you should share with the supplier. Once you have the details, its time to make payments to supplier. The good thing with Paypal, you can connect your debit or visa card and Paypal will pay directly from your bank. Once you have paid, share the confirmation details with the supplier. Samples are usually sent to Choice same day or the next day. Once sent, supplier will share a delivery note. Share the same with Choice representatives. This will help them in tracking and keeping tabs with your goods.

Once Choice reps have received the goods, they will alert you and will share a tracking number once they have shipped to Kenya. Then you wait for the arrival of your products. Usually 5-10 working days. You will be notified once goods are in Kenya and ready for collection. Below is a sample alert sms.

Hi,your goods arrived, CHIL xxxxxx, xpcs xKG total xUS dollars CASH UNACCEPaTABLE,Please deposit to Standard A/C: 8703327539301, name: CHOICE CO, Industrial area branch(sameer park). Please collect within 3 working days, overdue will be charged storage 20KSH per kg per day. Thanks, CHOICE INT’L FORWARDING CO’LTD.. KINDLY NOTE: DONT PAY USING ATM CASH DEPOSITs

Make payment as the alert message and head to their warehouse with the deposit slip for collection. Now you have the samples may be from 1 or more suppliers. Evaluate and check which supplier meets your standards plus who may exceed them. In a couple of times, I have had my expectations exceeded. Share or sell some of the samples with colleagues and family for their feedback. Actually, you should make a sale at this stage if the samples are perfect. This helps in recouping your investment.

If the samples do not meet  your expectations, do not give up! If you are convinced your product has a market, start the process all again with the suppliers you have chosen or new ones. Most probably your budget was not enough for a great product. You can also increase. At this moment, your judgment and instincts should kick in and make the right decisions. BUT I WILL REPEAT THIS. NEVER GIVE UP BECAUSE OF SMALL SETBACKS. Most of the time I have  setbacks, I have actually learnt something new or seen a new opportunity. A setback is not a failure, but moments to look back and reorganize and re-strategize with more energy than before.

Once the samples are to your liking, its time to make big orders with an aim of doing business. The question by now is where and how will I sell the products once I import. Good for you if you are now asking this. I will show and guide you step by step of how to take advantage of e-commerce. Again, zero risk! Keep it Omall Enterprise for more!


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