Secure and guaranteed Sourcing of products from China with just a laptop at home

There exists a misconception about doing business with the Chinese especially on quality. For purposes of clarification, china controls a fifth of the world’s manufacturing of physical products. World Manufacturing Production Statistics for Quarter II, 2016. Did you know that 63% of world’s iron ore is imported by China? Iron Ore Imports by Country SEPTEMBER 19, 2016. Now you know. Even the high end phone, Iphone is manufactured in China.

We all have heard of the insinuation Chinese products are low quality. The truth be told, quality comes at a cost. And Chinese have mastered to fulfill all classes of quality for the same product depending on how much you are willing to pay. So next time someone tells you Chinese have low quality products, put them straight and tell them Felix said so!

Another big lie is that you have to visit China to see and know the manufactures of products before importing. This is a big fat lie! With today’s connected world, communication and doing business has shifted to online rather than the old way of physical interaction and handshakes to signify agreement to do business.

No more monthly tv payments! Stop it Now!

It does take time for people to change and adopt to new ways. This is no exception in sourcing from China. If we can send money via our mobile phone or shop online at Amazon and pay without meeting whoever receives the money, then sourcing from china can be done without ever meeting your manufacturer. It’s being done already. Rather then travel and use up air tickets and accommodation for sourcing, with modern tools, this can be done form the comfort of your house and use the travel expenses to buy more.

At Omall Enterprises, we have refined this process. We source for high quality products every single day and sell them across the world. With our sister online shops and we have a world reach using this technique we have refined over time. So next time someone says you have to travel to china to do business with them, again, set them straight and tell them Felix said.

Next we will talk about the physical goods industry, how and why to leverage on Chinese mammoth manufacturing capacity.


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