Evaluating feedback and deciding on the best suppliers

Evaluating feedback and deciding on the best suppliers

We already covered how to contact suppliers. We even saw the sample template email to use. Today we will evaluate the responses, and where applicable send follow up emails. The objective is to have 1-3 suppliers whom we can decide to ask for samples.

Its important to make sure all your questions are answered. Especially questions about payment mode, product features and product branding. Note branding will cost you an extra fee, so if you must, make sure to follow up on pricing versus volume.

If a supplier has not responded to all your questions, send a follow up email, pointing out what he/she has not clarified and why its important to have it clarified. For those that don’t respond, ignore them. Its very frustrating doing business with people who don’t care to communicate. Also be on the look out for those accepting Paypal, and the prices of samples vs prices of full order. After receiving feedback to follow up emails, assuming you have contacted 7 suppliers or more of the same product, its time to make a decision on who you want to deal with.

If all suppliers have excellent feedback, you can use price as your knock off. However, cheapest isn’t allows the best. Your gut instinct should guide you. Once you have settled on three maximum, write to them with an indication you are ready to buy, but want a discount for the samples, and share order numbers you are looking make once you approve the sample. Don’t expect much leeway at this moment. Some will give a small discount, others won’t and others will promise discount on the big orders. Take note of this as it will be helpful in future.

So, now that you have all information, its time to pay for the samples. Remember you should only deal with suppliers accepting Paypal as a mode of payment! Its important to note i haven’t shared who our shipper will be at this moment. Don’t make a mistake of using DHL, EMS, UPS or or other international shipping companies for your shipping. In our blog China, manufacturing power house; why you should leverage on this Success! it was very clear you only need pay for shipping fee. Just before you pay for the samples, you need to plan how the goods will get to you. So, in our next article we will cover on shipping. Be on the look out for this article.



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I agree that it is important to have all your questions answered. Yes, all, not some. This not only gives you more info on the product and supplier, but it reassures you that you are not dealing with a con. Something that many people would be a victim of fraud.
Good article

    Thank you Joe,

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